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For the most accurate project quote, please include as much of the following information as possible:

  1. Address photo shoot will take place, to determine travel time and costs
  2. Dates and times that the photo shoot can take place, to determine schedule availability
  3. Type of project: office/residential/industrial, interior design and/or exterior architecture, to determine lighting needs
  4. Size of project: number and type of rooms to be photographed, square footage to be photographed, to determine time needs
  5. Anticipated number of images needed from the photo shoot, to determine production needs
  6. Turn-around needs or deadlines from photo shoot to delivery, to determine post-production processing needs or assistance
  7. Retouching needs for the removal or manipulation of objects in photos, to determine retouching hours
  8. How photos will be used: website, brochure, magazine, billboard, vertical postcard, square social media, to determine formatting needs
  9. How long photos will be used: permanent portfolio archive use, holiday promotional use, six month advertising campaign, to determine licensing
  10. If you will be sharing the images with anyone else who will want to use them for commercial purposes, to determine cost sharing options

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